Errata: First Print Run

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Sorry folks, we let a couple of errors through in the first print run of this title. These have all been corrected in the second print run. We really hope that they do not spoil your enjoyment of the book.

Got a question about the code we covered in this book? Drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Pages 20-22

The <p> tag on the paragraph under the <h1> was not closed properly. It should read:

<h1>This is the Main Heading</h1>
<p>This text might be an introduction to the rest of the page.
And if the page is a long one it might be split up into several sub-headings.</p>

Page 49

The screen shot at the bottom of page 49 shows source code of a visual editor. The first link to the Peanuts comic strip was incorrect (the text and the closing tag were missing). Correct version below:

Code view screen grab

Page 180

The timeline says HTML5 was released in 2000. It is currently a work in progress, and 2000 was the year XHTML 1.0 was released.

Pages 303-304

On page p303 the pink box is 300 pixels tall by 400 pixels wide (the CSS suggests that it is square), and on p304 the HTML for the picture of the Fender Rhodes is 150 pixels tall (not 100 pixels tall).

The first line of CSS has a class selector This should have just said div (without the .box selector after it).

Page 423

The CSS rule for the <figure> element is missing a property margin:0px;